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We live in a society that glorifies sexual assault to a degree that when I was a teenager I asked myself whether something was wrong with me for not being groped in the streets. The pride with which my classmates spoke of how apparently every random male hit on them made me wonder whether I was just too ugly to be desired. Something is rotten when harassment becomes the means young girls are taught to determine their self-worth with.

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This man is an inspiration.

Who is this guy?! *-*

Jesse Barnett, singer for Stick To Your Guns. awesome dude.

Thank god someone made a post with his speech. It’s been engraved in my mind ever since Warped Tour and I was so upset I didn’t get it on camera

Reblogging again because this is perfect

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I think this represents each of them perfectly.

Misha is like ‘what the fucking hell’

Jared’s a giant happy puppy moose hybrid that bleeds sparkles and rainbows and unicorns and his dimples

And Jensen conveys sass in it’s purest form by chewing gum

Jared is a human-Labrador hybrid of joy


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