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hi cuties!! so since I’ve reached an amazing amount of followers and love autumn so much I want to share my love with you all by giving away these 3 super cute oversized sweaters!!


  • must be allowed to give out personal address
  • mbf boyx (I will check)
  • reblogs only, likes for bookmarks
  • don’t delete this caption

what you’ll get (left to right)

  • Starburst Discontinued JJ Cochran Vintage Cosby Sweater (oversized M)
  • CPO Provisions Sweater (XL) (fits similar to a very short dress, cute with tights)
  • IZOD Sweater (oversized L)

the total value of these is ~$140 and I never wear them, someone else could put them to better use than I could. also note that the winner can pick what they want, if you don’t want all 3 I’ll randomly pick another person to give away the other one/ones to. I will send an ask to the winner, respond within 48 hours with address or i will pick another person.

WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN OCTOBER 5TH, A SUNDAY. I will ship anywhere in the world so anyone is eligible to participate. giveaway blogs will be ignored. I may extend the length by up to a week if this manages to get a lot of notes. reblog multiple times for a higher chance

that is about it!! feel free to ask me any questions regarding these sweaters, I’d be more than happy to answer!!







A tiger walks into a liquor store…there’s no punchline here.

Is that… a frisbee?

He just wants to play catch

What I love is that it obviously takes the person at the counter a few seconds to process that that is in fact a tiger.

Like, you kinda see their brain going “dog, nope, cat, big cat, big cat with stripes, SHIT, tiger!!!”

And the two people who go dashing out with the distinctive “I have just encountered an unexpected tiger SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT” run.

I like that the second guy leaves the chips or whatever those are. Like, he’s running and falling because TIGER but he will not accidentally shoplift


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